Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hi, may I buy you a drink?

It's been two years-ish since anything has been posted on this blog, and I think it's about time we got back to it a bit. The reasons for the absence are many: marriages, break ups, new jobs, new careers (there's a difference, dammit!), etc. The main one however, was me, going from a job I wanted to a career in the field I was working. That said, I can't promise a lot. What I can tell you is I promise updates from time to time, writing that can be humorous and at times thought-provoking (maybe?), and more drunk Dirk Nowitzki! What will happen though is the more I see post views, the more I will write. When writing for fun, a sense of freedom comes about; that is what I have here. That said, I'd be a damned liar if I didn't say I didn't love site views, traffic, etc. when this site was more.. uhm, vibrant? Give me time to find to my voice, and I'll find time to bang (ha!) out pieces.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Help Out A Family Who Deserves It

For us to say anything nice about a Yankee, a wearer of pinstripes would probably have to save a busload of children, a school for the disabled, and a senior citizen tour group from terrorists all in the same day.  David Robertson is doing the real world equivalent of that.  Robertson has started High Socks For Hope, a charity to help families devastated by the recent tornados in Robertson's hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The funds help to rebuild and repair the buildings and lives damaged by nature's incredible power.

Quote Of The Day

It combines two of our favorite things on earth: sports and White Russians (which I'm sure the five of us who went to Vegas a couple of years ago for spring break drank a swimming pool of that one night in the MGM).  After seeing a string of Lebowski things this weekend (t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.) I figured we'd go with the most famous quote of em all.  Enjoy.

Player Wives - Ex-Wife Edition!

Come on down, Candace Cameron!

Along with Kelly Kapowski, DJ Tanner dominated every fantasy I had when I first started figuring out the whole "Hey, if I do this..." aspect of growing up.  Apparently Valeri Bure, who is more famous for being a twin than anything else felt that marrying into my crushes of the 1993 was sound advice.  It ultimately didn't work out, but he got to do what every male born between 1984-1990 always dreamed of: fucking DJ.

These Guys Did What Matt Holliday Didn't: Touch Home Plate At Coors Field

If you are a Rockies, Padres, or hardcore MLB fan the joke wasn't lost on you.  If it is lost on you, just know that in Game 162 Holliday may or may not have touched home plate in scoring the winning run that sent the Rockies to the playoffs and ultimately the World Series.  Deadspin the other day had a great video of a pair of guys living my dream out of running around the bases at Coors Field.  Then a security showed up and then the cops, turning the sweetest of dreams into a relatively shitty nightmare.  But imagine the bar stores!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Song For The Weekend

I am not a hater of the French. They make fun metal structures, make damn fine coffee, and give us delicious potato dishes.  You know what else they give us?  Phoenix, the band who made mainstream waves last year with their song 1901.  But before their commercial success they were making good music and here is some of it, their song If I Ever Feel Better.